Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Weaving Friend got married!

On Leap Day 2012 my darling, beloved Weaving Friend got married to her splendid chap Mr Weaving Friend. They got married in handmade clothing that the bride made herself. And these were not just any old wedding clothes, oh no. Weaving Friend outdid herself with a handmade Victorian corset, a skirt with a bustle and a beautifully lined frock coat and waistcoat for Himself.

The ceremony was perfect, the reception fabulous, the food delicious. I don't think I've ever been to a wedding where everyone had so much fun throughout, and I include my own in that assessment! Everyone went away with more friends than they'd started the day with. Rather fewer photos than I might have wanted, but I was pretty busy helping out.

And of course we had a knitting corner.

Sweetheart, it was a delight and an honour to be your bridesmaid, and I wish you every happiness in your new life with Mr Weaving Friend.

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Tamara said...

We need more photos!! What a beautiful bride!