Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Some yarny goodness

I have finally finished my first batch of handspun for 2011! I'm starting to think that my goals of having twelve spinning projects done by the end of the year is a wee bit ambitious, given all the other things that are going on. Still, I am delighted that this WIP is finally a FO. I've only been working on it since last summer - nearly a year!

This is hand-dyed alpaca, dyed as roving with Kool-Ade. I don't remember what colour I used, although I'd hazard a guess it was something orange. Just a hunch.

I've chained-plied it, and it's ended up a fingering-weight, approximately 260 yards. Soaked it for half an hour in warm water, then whacked it on the bathtub to set the twist. I'm quite pleased with it, structurally - it's nicely balanced, and it's not particularly over or under spun or plied.

As yarn, though, I don't like it. I have concluded that I really do not enjoy spinning alpaca. The odd guard hairs get everywhere and it's too scratchy for my Posh-spoiled skin. Plus the lack of lanolin in the fiber makes the spinning process less enjoyable for me. And alpaca has an undeniable odor of wet dog when wet!

Luckily for me Weaving Friend likes alpaca. So she'll be getting yarn and a shawl next month when she comes to visit me!

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