Saturday, 28 May 2011

All papers, all the time.

I should warn anyone reading that I'm currently in the last 3 months of my MA, which means wrapping up the last of the coursework and writing my thesis. I have a topic I love (at least I love it now, I may hate it by September 1), and it's one that is based on my work so should be doable in the time I have available.

What this means for the blog is that I'm in a weird place, fiber-wise. I'm still knitting and spinning. What I'm not doing is finishing much or knitting things which are more interesting than my zillionth pair of Monkey socks. What knitting concentration I have at the moment is devoted to Weaving Friend's wedding shawl, since that has a deadline. Unfortunately, it's not blog fodder since she doesn't want any photos of it until after it's done.

I suspect there's going to be rather a lot of philosophical navel-gazing and not so many photos over the next three months. Sorry about that. The good news is that I've booked a week and a half off work starting from the day I submit, and I'm planning to see whether I can knit an entire cardigan in a month.

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Catherine said...

Honey, the wedding isn't until February, if you feel like taking a hiatus, don't worry, just do it. If it's stopping you relaxing in your free time, knit something else for a while. Your edjamacation is importants.