Friday, 24 June 2011

Mitts for mum

On Friday last (yes, a week ago, I am a slacker) I finished up a pair of mitts for my mother, who had come to visit. Those who have been reading for a while may recall the yarn, which has also been made into a pair of Monkey socks for my mother.

new hat 005

Mum's nuts about all things Halloween, so this yarn was perfect. It is DK Knits Technicolor Dream Toes that I purchased from Etsy a zillion years ago. Pattern is Fetching from Knitty, also from a zillion years ago. This is my fourth pair of mitts from the pattern. It's quick and easy and fairly straightforward to adjust, plus gets bonus points for mirrored cables.

Mum made out like a bandit this trip - I sent her home with mitts, a cowl and a pair of socks. There was going to be a shawl, but I haven't finished it yet. Plus, the more I knit it the more I like it, so I may just keep it. I can always use more shawls!

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