Wednesday, 30 January 2008

I'm such a joiner

I was surfing around blogland, looking for inspiration as I often do, when a post about Project Spectrum caught my eye. It's a very cool craft-along with a twist. Basically, you pick any medium, from knitting to painting to baking, and for a given period of time you create within a colour family. I've never done one, because I always seem to remember it in the middle. Not this year, baby! It starts in February - 2 days from today! It's running for 8 months this year, each pair of months based around one of the four elements, which appeals to the good little witch in me. And I have plenty of red and orange yarn in my stash for Fire, which is the first element. Actually, now that I think about it, I have a collection of red embroidery floss that I bought a couple of years ago to make a monochrome band sampler! And I have some undesignated fabric! Man, talk about destiny...

FEBRUARY / MARCH - FIRE- orange, red, pink
APRIL / MAY - EARTH - green, brown, metallics
JUNE / JULY - AIR - gray, white, yellow
AUGUST / SEPTEMBER - WATER - blue, black, purple

The other knitalong that I've found is on Ravelry. It's called Mission: Possible, and the goal is to get 12 things out of one's stash over the course of 2008. They can be individual balls of yarn, WIPs, as-yet unstarted projects, big bags of yarn, notions, whatever. You just pick 12, post what they are, and then get cracking! I think it's a really good idea, because I tend to think in monthly completions rather than things that take place over a longer period of time. So, here are my 12 things:
1. Finish the black drop-stitch shawl
2. Finish the half-hexagon shawl
3. Use up all of the Dr Who leftovers
4. Knit something out of the red Posh laceweight
5. Knit or crochet all of the worsted weight acrylic
6. Knit the Interlocking Cables sweater (hopefully in time for the Knitting and Stitching Show!)
7. Knit something out of the alpaca yarn
8. Knit a shawl out of the green laceweight
9. Knit a pair of Monkey socks
10. Knit a pair of Pomatomus socks
11. Knit a pair of Anne-trelac socks
12. Knit the Rowan Tapestry into a Clapotis

I think this is a good combination of things I've already started and things that I want to start/use. And I think it's doable!

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