Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Plan of Action 2008

I have a very small flat, and very little room to keep my exploding stash. So, year-long goal is to reduce my knitting stash to fit in one tub and one sewing bag, and to reduce my sewing stash to fit into one tub. At the moment knitting stuff is in one tub and four bags, and sewing stash is in the equivalent of two tubs.

Secondary to the volume reduction, I'd like to reduce the number of balls of yarn from 126 to less than 60 at the end of the year. The biggest issue is going to be using up scraps and remnants. I am predicting lots of colourwork this year!

Of course, I also want to finish up projects - using up the yarn is not very practical on its own. So, I'm going to continue with my guideline of finishing two projects every month.

Until my birthday in the middle of March, I'm not going to buy anything needlework related at all. I have more than enough to get on with until then. After my birthday, the only yarn I'm going to buy is the Manos yarn for the tree skirt I want to make. Other than the Manos, no new yarn this year until I've reduced to less than 60, and purchases can't push it over that number. After my birthday, I can go back to buying books and tools in moderation. Notions can be purchased as needed.

A pair of bonus goals - I'd like to finish up the year with nothing cast on earlier than this year, and I'd like to do enough stashbusting that I can have fun shopping at Alexandra Palace this year!

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