Monday, 28 January 2008

You know you've been sick when...

... you get weeks of bedrest to play with and are so tired that you can't knit for most of it. Still, I am feeling better now and looking forward to resumed normalcy in my needlework life.

The stranded mitts are mostly done. I finished one and weaved in all the ends, and did the cuff of the second. Unfortunately I've misplaced one of the necessary DPNs, so that is delaying finishing number 2. I think it may be down the crevices of the couch, so with any luck I'll find it this evening. I could always do something sensible like weave in some of the millions of ends on the cuff, though I think we all know how (un)likely that is!

Jaywalker 2 is making steady progress. I've turned the heel and am working through the endless gusset and foot. I managed to screw up and rip out the heel on this one, too. Whoops. It's fine now. Just a case of getting ahead of myself. That'll go back to being my lunch-hour knitting, now that I'm back at work.

I'm doing work on the ripple afghan sporadically also. It would be really, really good to use up the entire bag of yarn that I've got earmarked for it. I'm planning to use the scraps for a pair of stripey legwarmers, so I've even solved the issue of teeny tiny balls of yarn. I WILL reduce the stash.

Speaking of reducing the stash, I managed to use up an entire ball of scrap yarn the other day! I'm now at 125 balls of yarn. Happily, I've just found out that another friend is pregnant, so baby clothes are going to use up lots of my odds-and-ends. I've found a pattern for booties that should perfectly consume the golf-balls of sock yarn that are inevitably left after finishing a pair of socks, so now I have even more incentive to knit socks. Not that I needed more incentive!

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