Sunday, 14 June 2015

Slight change of plans

Boss Laurel pointed out that I'd need something a little more structural to attach the padded interlining to the outer than just the hems. Consequently I had to do a little ripping.

Oh well. 45 minutes of my life down the drain. Still, now that I've got that particular issue resolved, I can move on.

I've done all the pad stitching. It's not really something you can see in the fabric, but it's gone from having a ton of drape to being able to support its own weight. Very cool stuff. (I was a little dubious, but it totally worked.)

The reason for the ripping is that I'm going to seam the outer and the interlining together at the same time, like so.

Again, I'm really glad that I decided to make this practice dress first. I'm discovering a whole lot of things that will make v. 2 much better. Take the lining, for example. Making that up first was a bad call. I hadn't considered how much the pad stitching was going to warp the underlining, nor how much bagging there would be between the inner and outer layers.

Consequently, the lining isn't going to fit perfectly inside the bodice. It won't be terribly off, but it will bug me. So, next time:
  • assemble padded interlining pieces
  • cut out outer shell fabric
  • seam outer and interlining together
  • finish edges of outer onto interlining
  • cut out and assemble lining to fit inside the completed shell
  • insert lining
 Today I've been trimming the interlining to the right size to fit over the lining. Now that it's done, I can unpin the lining, sew down the edge of the outer shell, and get back on track.

For today's bonus, a little hairstyling experiment. If I'm going to pull this look off properly, I'm going to need the right hair! Still needs a little practice and a cap to go over it, but I'm getting there.

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