Saturday, 31 January 2015

Spinning and knitting in January

In further adventures of things that are not Tudor shirts, I present the two most boring projects I've ever made in the same month.

First, in an attempt to use up some of the random bits in my spinning stash, a hank of cashmere/silk, spun on a spindle and 2-plied using a plying bracelet. Still not keen on plying bracelets, but it's less effort than winding it off the spindle for something this small. About 25 yards of worsted-weight yarn.

Second, a completed pair of socks that I started over a year ago. Ringwood ribbing for the cuffs and a plain foot. In charcoal grey on 2.25mm needles. YAWN.

The good thing is that this was the oldest sock yarn in my stash. Now that it's finally used up, I've cast on the next-oldest sock yarn - something that isn't grey or white!

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