Monday, 25 June 2012

A learning experience

On Saturday I finished a spinning project. No, honestly, I did! Here's the evidence:
white massam 003
Massam, spun on my resin Wildcraft spindle and 3-plied on the wheel. 187yds, 97g. Not my favourite fiber ever, but I've learned a lot from working with it.

Thing the first - spindling in public is perfectly doable. Inspired by Weaving Friend, I took spindle and massam to an SCA event with me. I didn't spin on the pilgrimage part (had to finish those cabled socks, after all), but I did do rather a lot of wandering around at the event site with my spindle. I even spent some of that time teaching two small girls to use a spindle. Neither really has the patience yet, but it'll do them both good to watch and take in the principles.

Thing the second - the resin spindle can hold up to about 30g of fiber before it starts getting ornery.

Thing the third - I can ply on a spindle, but my elbow is sufficiently borked that there's really no point. The skeins I can produce without hurting myself are so small that they're inefficient.

Thing the fourth - it takes me about 4 yards of yarn to learn to do a new technique.

Thing the fifth - my default spinning and plying directions are the same on both spindle and wheel.

Thing the sixth - if one spends an hour a day spinning, projects actually get finished. Crazy, right? But it's totally true. I started taking spindling to work for my lunch break and could see progress from day to day.

Thing the seventh - my colleagues are awesome. Not one person has made a weird remark about the fact that I've been spinning in the break room. Several people have even correctly identified what I was doing and asked intelligent questions about spindles and wheels and made links to fairy tales!

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