Monday, 11 June 2012

Achievement unlocked - photograph black cables!

I finished these up yesterday, and I'm very pleased with them. Of course, I'm even more pleased with the fact that I managed to get a halfway decent photo of them.

Fischernetze 006

Pattern is Fischernetze, yarn is King Cole Zig-Zag, 2.5mm bamboo DPNs.

I cast on for these in December, while visiting my in-laws. I'd only brought one project with me for the whole weekend, and finished it halfway through Sunday. Fortunately I'd realized the day before that I was likely to do so, and I stopped in a local yarn store to pick up needles and yarn. The yarn's not great, to be honest. It's 50% nylon, so while it's very shiny and (presumably) will hold up in the wash, there's not a lot of bounce to it. I'm hoping the pull of the lace and cables will keep the cuffs in reasonably good shape.

I've been wanting a pair of handknit black socks for a while now. I prefer to wear only handknits, but there are occasions when scarlet Monkeys are just inappropriate. Now I've got one pair of smart black socks to keep for things like conferences and job interviews. I don't plan to wear this pair often - got to keep them nice for when they're needed!

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turtlejen said...

Gorgeous! I love them lots :D