Friday, 6 January 2012

A Plan.

11 WIPs, according to my calculations. Far too many! Conveniently this weekend is free, so I shall be spending it pruning that number down.

First goal, frog the Catkin shawl. Mother and I have agreed on a replacement shawl to use the purple yarn, and I'll find another pattern for the silver. Yarn to make a better Catkin will be acquired at some point in the future.

Second goal, finish the Lacy Grey socks. The cuff of the second sock is nearly done, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that I'll be able to finish the whole sock this weekend.

Third goal, work on Noro scarf. This is going to be my at-home project as soon as the socks are done. Mostly because I want to put the loom away to make space for sewing, and I'm afraid that if I put it away with the scarf still on it'll never get finished.

The blue Monkey socks are currently living in my handbag. I'll keep them there until they're finished, then move the scrap sock yarn to my handbag so I can crochet more squares. Once all the current round of scraps are used up, I'll move the green shawl into my handbag so that some progress gets made there.

Of course, there's a slight hitch in all of this planning. I want to knit myself a shawl to wear to Weaving Friend's wedding, which is next month!

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