Monday, 21 March 2011


I knit another pair of Monkey socks. I know, you're about ready to faint, right? I would never in a million years have been suspected of knitting these socks obsessively!

Noro Monkeys 007

Jury is currently out on whether the yarn is suitable for socks. I love the colours and the way it's knitted up. I'm not really noticing the coarseness on my feet, nor the slubs from the unevenly spun singles. However, it is a singles, and in places it is really more of a laceweight than a true sock yarn. I'm concerned that those places will wear through, both because the yarn is too thin and because the knitting is looser. Time will tell. Also, the yarn doesn't have as much memory as regular sock yarn, so after a day's wear the ankles are rather stretched out from being pulled over my heels.

I wonder why it is that no-one questions those who knit plain stockinette socks over and over, but people get weird about me knitting this same pattern multiple times. It's a great pattern, it's interesting and quick to knit and I love how it fits. Plus I've memorized it, so it's not like it takes any more mental effort than plain socks.

On an unrelated note, I am still pondering the knit/embroidery dilemma. AnaMarie comments that I don't have to separate the fiber arts, and suggests embroidering onto a piece of knit fabric. I'm not sure that knit fabric would be a stable enough base for embroidery, but I'm definitely getting interested in the idea of mixing my crafts. There are any number of embroidery stitches that could be made to look like knitting, and if I'm feeling really crazy I could always do bands of cutwork to look like knitted lace. It could be fabulous, or it could be a disaster. Either way, I think it'll be a fun experiment.
Oooh, I bet I could applique an edging onto it!

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