Monday, 25 April 2011


Ok everyone, are you sitting down? I have a small piece of knitterly news. I have finished a new pair of socks - and they ARE NOT MONKEYS! Of course, they don't fit me, but that's ok. Mum always needs new handknit socks, right Mum?

Pattern is Spring Forward, yarn is Colinette Jitterbug that I've had forever. And peeking out from the cuffs are the sock blockers that Weaving Friend gave me for Christmas. Aren't they pretty?

Speaking of presents, it was my birthday last month, and various friends and family spoiled me rotten on the fiber front. Like my pretties?

The stack of books at the back is a complete set of the Barbara Walker Stitch Treasuries, which have already got my creative juices flowing. The little package on top of them is a bag of dyed tussah silk, the lump in front is mohair. The little green envelope in the middle is a spare set of the needles I use for knitting ... Monkey socks.


Tamara said...

Clearly, your friends and family know you well!! And I love the socks. Too bad they didn't fit you! ;)

Catherine said...

Can I stroke your stitch dictionaries when I visit? Jealousy, I has it!
Also, yay sock blockers!