Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Small increments of progress

I really should not have compared Granny's shawl to my black shawl. I've basically stopped knitting on it. Oh, I do a small chunk here and there, but not much at a time. I'm honestly not worried about it - given how much time I have before needing to gift it and how quickly it goes, it'll be fine. So instead, I'm working on the things that actually tempt me.

The fluffy scarf that I was finding so boring the other day is utterly appealing right now. I've knitted up about half of the first ball of yarn, putting me a quarter of the way there. And I got out the bigger needles and redid the crown of the purple hat last nights while watching Numbers. A few rows of heel flap here, a row of shawl there, and eventually it all adds up to real progress.

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