Saturday, 14 March 2015

Suddenly, a hat!

Sometimes after finishing a big project I end up with a hangover. Not a literal one, a figurative one. I look at all the stuff I'm working on and just... can't.

At times like these I need a mental cleanser. Something quick and easy to remind myself that not all projects are ten-year commitments. Thus, the newest baby hat:

One of the ladies in our SCA household is expecting her first, and I thought wee Nemo needed a hat. This is another pixie hat, this time out of leftover Noro Kureyon Sock (about 100 yards).

I think this may be the cutest one I've made yet...

1 comment:

Tess said...

So it may be super cute, and incredibly thoughtful. Can't wait to pop it on Nemo's wee head when they arrive, also to get a picture of them with you while wearing it!