Saturday, 6 April 2013

Dangerous furniture

A few months ago I dropped my needle gauge behind the chest that all of my knitting and notions live on. It's not a tool I use often, so rather than go to the hassle of moving things I decided to leave it. Today I needed to size some DPNs, so I hauled everything out of the way and moved the chest. The wretched chest has been eating my stuff!

In addition to the needle gauge I found:

  • A pack of assorted darning needles
  • Spinning wheel oil
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • My SCONUL card
  • A recipe for oatmeal cookies
  • The sample photograph for my Blessed Thistle Tsocks
  • My father's business card
  • My expired British Library reader's pass
  • The measurements of my sister-in-law's feet that I've been looking for for months

Possibly I should move the chest more often. It seems to be exhibiting draconic hoarding tendencies...

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