Sunday, 31 March 2013

State of the WIPs, Duckfest Edition

You know how sometimes holiday traditions take on a life of their own? Somehow roast duck at my place for Easter dinner has become a Thing. A Very Important Thing, in fact. So important that it is now known as Duckfest.

Anyway. WIPs. Lots, but fewer than I started the year with!

The bedspread is progressing nicely. I've added a few more rows of squares, and I crochet a few more squares every time I finish something else. And since I'm currently down to just one portable project, the squares will be getting a lot more time in the near future. It'll be good to use up some more scraps, too!

The Yule Shawl is actually being worked upon. Slowly, slowly, I am getting it finished. The trouble with cobweb-weight yarn is that I can't knit it without looking at my fingers, so it goes really slowly.

Thistle Tsocks are also coming along quite happily. As with Vintage I've decided to work them both at the same time (on separate needles, I'm not insane!), so the first has ribbing and the lace set-up, and I'm just finished the ribbing of the second.

My Reverse Engineering sock is about half done and I'm enjoying it. Two circular needles not so much, but it's good practice. This is the project living in my handbag at the moment - as fussy as the pattern looks, it's actually really simple.

Spinning is in a bit of a hiatus at the moment because it's so cold that my fingers get numb while I'm spinning. However, here are the outstanding WIPs for the sake of completion:

Undyed BFL. It'll be a sock-weight true 3-ply when it's done. I'm currently working the second bobbin of singles.

Tussah silk. Spinning this on my Turkish spindle. It'll eventually be a 2-ply laceweight. I need to figure out some sort of carrying case for this spindle so that I can take it to work with me. It doesn't fit in my spindle tube, and it's too fragile to just sit in my handbag.

And last but not least, my Juno BFL/silk sock yarn. This will go back on the wheel once the undyed stuff is finished. I'm not in any rush because it's not like I need more sock yarn...

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