Monday, 10 December 2012

Catching up

I'm still working on sooper sekrit holiday projects, but I have finished a few things here and there. First up, a project I actually finished back in April that somehow never made it onto the blog!

silk fichu 002

This is a shawl (scarf, really) made from silk that I spun and dyed.The pattern is Arietta, and is an absolute joy to knit. It's really complicated true lace, patterned on both the right and wrong side, but the pattern was such that I always knew where I was. It's knit sideways with both top and bottom edging knit on at the same time as the body. And cleverly, it's designed to allow you to use up all of your yarn - you stop increasing when you've used a little less than half, and then decrease until it's done.

And a beauty shot:

silk fichu 005

Next up - my very first proper finished sweater! I am thrilled to pieces with this. It fits perfectly, and is the warmest thing I own. Hugely useful for the library I work at, since we've got on-going heating problems.

Owls update 006

I'm afraid this sweater has fallen victim to one of the problems that plagues me in winter. I work during the day, which means I only have access to natural light at the weekend. I also only have access to my spouse for photography during the weekend. Unfortunately, this being London, it's grey and miserable more often than not, plus as it's the holiday season we're often not home.

Owls update 008

Suffice to say that I have worn this sweater as often as I've been able to since finishing it. My mother tells me it's flattering, and my husband tells me that it makes my rack look fabulous. Can't complain, really.

Pattern is Owls, by Kate Davies. Ms Davies is fabulous and brilliant and I want to knit basically everything she's ever designed. The yarn is Rowan's Felted Tweed DK, which I used held trebled. I bought nineteen balls of the wretched stuff at a John Lewis clearance sale a few years back, and it's been taunting me ever since. No more! Twelve balls have gone into this sweater, and the remaining seven are being knit into a garter stitch scarf even as we speak.

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