Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Smitten with mittens

Finally, 9 months after starting them, I've finished my Winter Cottage Mittens, aka Bonfire Mittens*. It's somewhat embarassing to think that someone could have grown an entire baby in the time it took me to finish these. The worst part? The actual knitting only took about a month.

Test-knitting these was a great deal of fun as well as a good learning experience for me. It forced me to really think about the pattern, both in terms of the end product and in terms of clarity and ease of interpretation. I spotted some things that needed changing or fixing, but I never saw a copy of the final pattern. Still, my mittens look just like all the other finished ones - there can't have been much caught by the other test knitter that I didn't find!

I adore this colour. Orange is my favourite colour, and there is so much variety and depth in this colourway. Posh Yarn is always a pleasure! I've got a goodly chunk of the white contrast and even a small ball of the orange left. I picked up a skein of black fingering a few months ago to go with. The plan is to use black or white as contrast and Posh leftovers as main and make more pairs of mittens and mitts. Stashbusting, useful items, warm hands!
*The pattern is called Winter Cottage, the colourway is Bonfire. I like Bonfire much better as a name.

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Alison said...

They're beautiful!

As for names, I once named a new-to-me lace pattern as Rabbit Tracks, because that's what it looked like; then, a doublesize version of it I thought was cute to call Bigfoot.

Well. I have tiny feet. I found out, after my book went to print, that my editor has huge feet and really, really didn't like that name. It hadn't occurred to me, since I'd never tried to find women's shoes that large... Oops.

--AlisonH at spindyeknit.com (Blogger will try to connect you to my now-nonexistent Blogger account, sorry!)