Tuesday, 11 November 2008

An early Christmas present for me

From my grandmother, who absolutely rocks. She came over to visit for my little brother's graduation at the end of October and decided to do a bit of shopping while here.

On her first full day she joined me and my reenactment friends on a fabric expedition to Walthamstowe Market. It was good, we shopped, but that wasn't our only destination. We also made a trip to the Handweavers' Studio, a nirvana of fibery yumminess. I had never been there, but thought I might get myself a new drop spindle that's heavier than the one I already had. Well, I was looking at the spindles when my grandmother called me over and asked what I thought of the wheels.

You can probably guess where this is going.

I tried out an Ashford Kiwi, loved it, thought it was wonderful. This now lives in my living room.

I've got it all set up, and once I finish my Christmas knitting I plan to throw myself into spinning the bag of fiber I have ready to go. (I also got several sample packs of different fibers to try out, including some camel! Yum!) For right now I'm practicing treadling and getting to know the wheel.

If anyone has any name suggestions, now's a good time to throw them out!

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