Thursday, 9 March 2017

Interlude - Good News and Bad News

Tonight I am spending a little time on something that isn't SCA clothing. I know, right? But it is a necessary interlude in my textile activities.

Bad news first - I managed to catch my new (commercial) pullover in the zip of my jacket and rip a hole in it.
Two lousy stitches.

Good news - I have something in the stash exactly the right colour to mend it!

More bad news - it's proto-yarn.

Despite appearances, these two objects are the same colour.
More good news - I can fix that! I have the technology!

Ah, my favourite spindle.
I spun up 50cm of a rather fine 2-ply. Didn't bother wet-finishing it because, well, only about 10cm of that is actually going to become part of the pullover, and it's not going to change dramatically enough to make a difference when I wash it.
Finished but not wet-finished. I'm a slacker.

A couple of minutes with a darning needle and I'm done!

Repaired cable is on the left in the middle.

Woven-in ends on the back.
And from a distance.

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