Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A digression of Olympic proportions

 A post that has nothing to do with the SCA! Huzzah!

The Winter Olympics are taking place at the moment. That means attempting a project of some sort that will be a challenge to complete within that period of time. Usually I work like crazy on finishing as many WIPs as possible. This year, however, I want to make progress on my very oldest WIP - the sock yarn granny square blanket.

I started this blanket way back in December of 2010. It was never going to be finished quickly. The whole point of it was to give me a way to use up scraps of sock yarn so that they didn't overwhelm my stash.

Yeah. That's worked not so well. This is approximately 450g of sock yarn. In other words, enough to knit about 8 full pairs of socks.

So my challenge for these Olympic Games is to work through as much as possible of this yarn. Mostly that means making more blanket squares. The cobalt blue yarn is destined to become a pair of garters for a friend, and the lobster-coloured Jitterbug is going to be a pair of fingerless gloves for my mother. Finally, I'll be joining squares to the blanket as I go along, so that I don't end up making all these squares and not being able to attach them!

Done so far:
- 4 black squares (yarn used up)
- 5 yellow squares (yarn used up)
- 11 dark green squares (yarn used up)

Once I get the ends sewn in on this lot, I'll be attaching a row to the blanket.

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