Sunday, 12 January 2014

Garb in progress

We're attending an event at the beginning of next month, so I am making some new garb. Well, bits of it are new. I'm making a smokkr, or apron dress. As it happens, the linen dresses from last summer are cut from the pattern of what would be worn underneath it.

Mum and I spent a couple of days over the Christmas holidays measuring and cutting out the pieces for two of these dresses, with the intention that I'd do one and she'd do the other. She very kindly did the long seams connecting the panels on the sewing machine, and now I'm in the middle of all the hand-finishing for the green dress. (Authenticity be damned - on this schedule, there's no time for hand-sewing those long seams.)

My usual method of working is to get the garb wearable as quickly as possible. Thus, I've partially finished the inside seams so that I could complete the hemming.

 I've also made and attached the shoulder straps.

It still needs a lot of work - the rest of the seams need finished, for a start. Weaving Friend is making some trim for the top edge, which I'll then sew in place before the event, and eventually all the seams will be embroidered. For now, though, this gives a sense of how it'll look when finished.
 Also, my awesome red boots. Mum bought them for herself, but they ended up slightly too small. Score for me!

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