Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Clearly the world is ending

You may have noticed that I'm a bit keen on scarves. Knit and crochet several every year, never leave home without one keen. They make me deeply happy, and I'm not even sure why. They just do.

Cowls, on the other hand, have never really pushed my buttons. They're cute, and I can see them being good templates for designing, but I never thought I'd actually wear one. Then last summer I spun up my Zombie Apocalypse yarn, from fiber that Weaving Friend and I had dyed last March. I ended up with 150 yards of a very squishy heavy worsted and nothing to do with it.

Ravelry to the rescue! A lovely person on one of my boards posted a link to a crocheted cowl pattern that looked as if it would work nicely with my yarn. And wouldn't you know, it was perfect. I used up every last scrap of handspun, and produced a respectably-sized cowl.

Zombie cowl 005

I had to wear it once, since I'd just made it and all. Turns out that cowls are actually pretty comfortable. Plus bonus points for no bulk under the front of my coat. It turned to snow a few days later - something that doesn't fit snugly doesn't really offer that much protection - but I wore it every single day up until that point. And now that it's warming up again, I may very well get it out to wear tomorrow!

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