Sunday, 15 April 2012

Totally warped

On Wednesday, which was the last day of my Easter vacation, I decided to warp the loom. I had two skeins of sock yarn that I'd bought years ago, back before I knew what sort of socks I enjoy knitting. The colours coordinate quite well, so I decided to use one ball for the warp and one for the weft.

I love warping the loom. I love the curve of the yarn as it twists away from the heddle and toward the warping peg.

I love watching the way the colours line up - no pooling, this isn't a sock!

I love the fiddly pulling through of alternate threads.

I love tensioning the knots that hold the warp in place on the cloth bar.

And I love the look of a fat, loaded shuttle, ready for weaving.

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Catherine said...

Are you in my brain?!