Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sock PSA

If your intention is to replace your entire sock drawer with only handknits, it is a very sensible idea indeed to make sure you've knit at least a couple of pairs that match your suit BEFORE you throw out your old socks. Otherwise, you may find yourself layering thin cotton socks in a deep purple over knee-high hose to go with your black suit. Fortunately the sweater I'm wearing is the exact shade of deep purple, so it looks intentional. Also fortunate that I'm wearing long trousers and shoes that cover all but the tiniest amount of my ankle.

Anyone know where I can buy some machine-washable solid black sock yarn?


AnaMarie said...

Loopy Ewe has some Cascade Heritage (and Heritage Silk) that come in black! Regia has/had a black too. I'm redoing my sock drawer, but have been slowly phasing out the non-hand-knit socks to avoid such situations!

G said...

Thanks Ana Marie! Loopy's a bit far away, but I should be able to find Regia here in London fairly easily.