Friday, 16 September 2011

State of the WIPs, September edition

Shockingly enough, I am currently at only four active WIPs. These are:
  • Weaving Friend's wedding shawl, which is currently half-done and waiting for me to start the edging chart;
  • A new pair of camping socks for the Spouse, using some of the yarn my mother gave me for Christmas;
  • The crocheted neverending granny square bedspread;
  • A laceweight shawl made from the green mohair which was the first lace yarn I ever bought.
I also have three projects hibernating - a cardigan, the mitts from the Rovaniemi class, and my Vintage socks. All things which are fiddly and therefore unsuited to portable knitting. Of course, now that I have my brain back I am anticipating making much more progress on these!

There are, of course, spinning WIPs now that I have enough bobbins to allow such a thing. I'm working on:
  • The huge bump of corrie/merino Vet Friend gave me last year, which will be a worsted-weight 3-ply;
  • BFL/silk from Juno Fibre that I bought at Knit Nation last year (n-plied sock yarn);
  • Superwash merino/nylon from Easyknits that I bought mumblemumble years ago (3-ply sock yarn);
  • Experimental Shetland cabled yarn;
  • Crazypants spindled silk thread (2-ply).
The last is my current spindle WIP. I bought 25g of mawata at TORM last year, thinking I would knit it up into mittens. Then I decided I'd rather spin with it. I'm currently getting something ridiculous like 40 wraps per inch and have spun less than a gram of it. I work on it periodically, doing maybe 6 yards in a sitting. Sometimes I'll work at it for longer. I'm not really in any rush, it's just a nice mindless thing to work on. Eventually I'm going to make it a 2-ply and give it to Mum for embroidery.

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