Monday, 31 January 2011

So much for the resolution to blog

After getting back to London, I had a couple of papers to hand in for my MA. Shortly thereafter, my charming spouse decided to share his bronchitis, so I've been rather ill for the last few days. Nothing perilous, nothing needing antibiotics (unlike him!), but I've not really been up to much needlework. Still, I did manage to finish up the first project of the year.

Presenting my Travelling Blues Shawl:

Travelling Blues Shawl 006

Pattern is Travelling Woman, needles were 4.5mm, and those of you who have a good memory will recognize the yarn as some of my handspun! And a detail shot:

Travelling Blues Shawl 005

I love it. It's warm and snuggly and the colours make me happy. And I've nearly finished my first pair of socks for the year...

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