Friday, 16 April 2010

Not really getting anywhere

I'm working on lots of things right now, but they are all in the dull in-between parts, so not really blogworthy. But taken as a group perhaps they will be more interesting? Some highlights:
  • I've abandoned my spindle and am planning on getting rid of it. It's fun, I love spindling, but my damaged elbow can't manage the weight of the spindle in addition to the fine motor control needed to draft. It's a shame, but I'm not risking further damage to my dominant arm.
  • I've finished the gussets of my Franken-Mei socks and might actually get them done this month.
  • I've cast on for yet another garter stitch scarf, this time using my perfect red yarn. I needed an antidote to complicated yarn projects and coursework.
  • I really love carding.
  • I cast on for a laceweight sweater, 'cause I'm crazy like that. After knitting three rounds, I've abandoned it until I finish some older WIPs.
  • Apparently if one works with raw fleece one is supposed to get a tetanus shot. My mother tells me I'm overdue for a booster, so Fifi-processing is postponed until I can make an appointment with my doctor.
  • I'm about a quarter of the way finished with a batch of blue Falkland singles. I think I'm going to 2-ply them, but I might n-ply to preserve the long stretches of colour. Or I might just leave it all as a singles. It'll be laceweight whichever way I finish it!
  • I've started a new piece of embroidery. It's one I've had materials stashed for for about three years and never gotten around to starting. Gorgeous folksy flowers on a grey/green linen. There's a complementary piece to go with which I also have, but I probably won't get that one started for a couple of years. Let's be realistic here. :D

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