Wednesday, 27 January 2010

State of the WIPs, January 2010 edition

So, now that I've gotten a major piece of coursework and an SCA event out of the way for the month, I can actually sit down and think about knitting again!

The mad rush at Christmas to finish gifts left me with a pleasingly low number of outstanding unfinished projects to think about this year. And only one of them was a gift that never got finished! Fortunately, the recipient is happy to wait until 2011 for me to finish it.

So, oldest first. A lace scarf, made in the sadly discontinued Rowan Lurex Shimmer. This might actually be the first yarn I ever bought. I started in way back in July last year, but put it down after cutting millions of pieces of fringe and working the first few rows. I pulled it out of hibernation last night. It's simple enough, just a feather-and-fan pattern, so I'm planning to work one repeat per day until it's finished.

Next up is the orange shrug I started with the lovely cotton 4-ply my best friend gave me. This one is in a time-out at the moment. It's mindless and goes quickly, but I'm not sure I'll actually ever wear it. Going to leave it while I ponder its future.

My Franken-Mei socks are going well. I decided to work both at once to avoid Second Sock Syndrome, and it seems to be working. I've finished the first cuff and am nearly done with the cuff of the second! 65 rounds of 3x3 ribbing, ugh. It'll be comfortable when finished, but right now I'm going a bit mad with it. Still, nearly to the heel flaps, and then I can start the interesting lacy stuff on the foot.

My green/grey Ene's Scarf is also fine. I'm not working on it much at the moment because the rows are long and require chart consultation, and I've just not had the mental energy to deal with them recently. I'm partway through the first repeat of chart three.

Sock yarn granny squares - I've a second uncovered pillowform for the couch. Since I've already done one in big granny squares, it makes sense to use up my sock yarn scraps for a matching one. This is my bedside table project for when I'm waiting for the Spouse to come to bed.

One lace shawl hibernating until next year, because it's not for me!

And finally, a new project. This is my first cast-on of 2010 - another Shetland Triangle Shawl. This time I'm using Malabrigo Lace, and it is incredibly soft. I started it because I was having a bad day and wanted to play with a kitten. Since we live on the 3rd floor and can't have pets, the blue laceweight is the next best thing.

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