Thursday, 4 June 2009

Ravelry consensus says...

...that June and July are months for tackling WIPs. Not to be confused with 'Februarys are for Finishing', which is an entirely different task. One of my stash reduction groups is having WIP reduction as this month's challenge, and then July is the WIPs Wrestling Smackdown. Having ended May on a high note of finishing three projects over a single weekend and then making surprise progress on the garters, I've decided to go for it.
In June, I hope to get through the following:
  • The green/purple/blue Monkey socks I've currently got going
  • Mum's garters, about 3/4 done after last weekend!
  • The mittens that went into hibernation after post-test-knitting frogging
  • The big batch of powder-blue spinning fiber I've been working on for the last couple of months
  • One granny square a day for my granny-ghan
  • As much progress as possible on the bedspread

I plan to devote July to shawls and a pair of not-yet-cast-on simple socks, since I have two shawls on the go right now, desperately need more socks, and have committed to knitting 4 pairs this year for Mission:Possible.

Finishing all of the above would take me down to 4 WIPs. And depending on my energy levels and free time, I might even get through the bedspread - leaving me with 3!

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