Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Getting back to normal

I've finished all of my obligatory holiday knitting and posted it. I'm posting the second of my holiday swap parcels later today. And all the bits of the mittens that needed testing have been knit. I can now work on anything I like! Yay!

The cool thing about Christmas swaps is that once you've had all the fun of assembling, wrapping and posting one to an unsuspecting fellow crafter, you get one back for yourself! I've had a parcel from the first swap, and it's now sitting under my Christmas tree looking all smug and mysterious. The plan is to open it on the 6th for St Nicholas' Day. It is a European swap, after all. Haven't had the second parcel yet, but then the posting deadline isn't until the 15th. It's so exciting!

I'm currently working on getting as much off the needles as possible. We're having a Solstice party with lots of people coming over, and I'd like as much stuff done and out of the way as possible. No mulled wine on my spinning wheel, thank you very much.

I've started a new project, one that's just for me. My mum fell in love with my green Noro Triangle, so I gave it to her. She got me some replacement yarn to make a new one - more Noro - so I thought it was high time I got to work. I finished the last one in a week, but I'll be happy to have this one done by the end of the month so I can wear it over the holidays.

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