Tuesday, 14 October 2008

slowly, slowly

I thought originally that September was going to be the insane month. Foolish person that I am, I'd forgotten that it doesn't get really crazy until the middle of October! So, work is insane and I'm not doing huge amounts of knitting or other needlework right now. I'm halfway finished with the second of my stripey Monkeys, and I have high hopes of being done with them by the end of the weekend. Once those are done, I will move over onto the Halloween Monkeys and the first Pomatomus sock. The Poms and my ripple bedspread are my only remaining Mission:Possible projects once I've finished the sock I'm working on now, so achieving my goal is definitely doable.

I will confess to having a fit of sock loathing over the weekend, though. I just couldn't bear to look at those needles any more! So I cast on for a pair of mittens. Mitered Mittens, by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I'm not a huge fan of her instructions (note - not her patterns, her patterns rock!), but these instructions are not too bad. Of course, the fact that the pattern is utterly basic might have something to do with that! So, at some point this winter I will be producing a pair of sage green silk mittens. Yummy.

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