Sunday, 8 July 2007

Oh Ravelry

It has eaten my life. And my camera batteries. But at least my stash is getting somewhat more under control!

Since my last update I have:
  1. Finished mum's birthday socks
  2. Started and finished the Fake Isle Hat from Magknits
  3. Reorganized my knitting supplies
  4. Bought more cobweb weight yarn from Dee
  5. Cast on for Mystery Shawl 3 and the kerchief shawl
  6. Worked on the alpaca wrap
  7. Gotten nearly to the heel turn on my handbag sock.
This is all muchly pleasing, especially since I'll be going away soon and will only have limited stash access (ie anything at my mother's house). I'm thinking a giant purple granny square is in order. More of the ancient acrylic is lurking in my closet...