Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I swear I was going to work on the glove...

...but the lure of the baby sock was too much for me to resist. I did a heel flap, a heel turn, and gusset and some foot in the space of an hour! Now, I know there are many knitters out there who could do all of those things on an adult-sized sock in an hour, but for me it was pretty darn fast. While in the middle of this bootie marathon, I also finished up a small ball of scrap yarn, taking me down to 122 balls remaining. Which I think is pretty cool.

I realized a difficulty, however, with my plan of counting down balls of yarn. See, most of my sock yarn comes in 100g skeins, which is enough for a pair of socks (or gloves, or mittens, or many other things), and these skeins have to be wound into useful balls. However. I am a paranoid and thrifty knitter, and there is little in this world that disturbs me as much as inefficient use of yarn or *eek!* running out mid-project. So when I wind my sock yarn from its skein, I wind from both ends and make two equal sized balls. Then I cut the skein in half.

You see my dilemma? My stash count will vary depending on whether or not I've wound my sock yarn!

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