Thursday, 31 January 2008

Progress is nice

I had the morning off today, like every Thursday, and I spent it putting things in order around the flat. This resulted in my finding the missing 5th needle for the fingerless gloves! So I spent some time weaving in a few ends and starting the hand and thumb gusset of glove number 2, which was nice. The weather is supposed to get bitterly cold in the next few days, so getting these finished would mean much warmer fingers on my walk to and from work every day. Hopefully I can finish them by Monday!

I also managed to get the gusset of the second Jaywalker done and a good start made on the foot. Hopefully that won't take too long either. I'm really looking forward to some new projects and getting back to some UFOs (like the half-hexagon shawl).

I do have one sort-of new project. I was looking at a one-skein scarf that I started a while back, out of burgundy and black mohair-ish stuff, and decided to rip it. I've had the yarn for years, but only because I like it so much I wanted to make something that would really show it off and make the most of the 300-odd metres I have. So I cast on for a top-down short-sleeved raglan sweater. I'm knitting it at a really loose gauge to make it more of a summer top that I can shove in a bag and wear over a tank top if the weather changes abruptly. All good, knitting away, figured out the collar. Unfortunately, the circular needle I've got is too long for the neckline at the moment. So, once again, my lovely burgundy yarn is on hold, this time until March when I'm allowed to buy knitting stuff again.

Over the weekend I' m planning to have a big picture session and hunt out all of my PS Fire stuff. Things that spring to mind are the Jaywalkers, the half-hexagon shawl, the Posh laceweight (pink and red both!), the orange Posh sock yarn, the leftovers from the pink Wool-Ease, the orange sockweight cotton from Bulgaria, the stalled raglan mentioned above, the red embroidery floss for the band sampler, and a packet of seed beads. I'm sure there are other things lurking around, but these are all potential Fire projects!

I'm also planning a Fire feast, with homemade bread (possibly naan, since I've always wanted to try making it!), curry, and spice cake. Or maybe gingersnaps, since cake with curry might be too heavy a meal. Other things that spring to mind are: passionfruit, since fire is all about passion; chili, both red and firey; homemade Valentine cards; a divination card based on Fire; a bunch of red and orange flowers to put some Fire in the flat; a dedicated Fire altar for the months of February and March; spaghetti sauce; strawberry and red wine sauce. I'm sure I'll come up with more things as I keep thinking about this lovely project!

I'll admit freely to having a fairly 2-track mind when it comes to creating - knitting and embroidery. Hopefully this will inspire other things too...

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