Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Year, New Projects

A long, picture-filled post will be made once I'm back at home and can do my uber-update. Suffice it to say that I am visiting family, got a bunch of really nice yarn and knitting needles for Christmas (as well as my own lucet!), and have finished my first project of the year! I made a Scarf Remedy Hat, as outlined by the Yarn Harlot. 'Tis black and comfy, and fits my head perfectly. The matching scarf is nearly done, too!

While visiting here, I found this piece of embroidery that I made years ago and thought a picture needed to appear. It is a dresser scarf, covered in morning glories. My bedroom balcony at mum's is covered over in these lovely flowers. For once, the colour discrepancies are not the fault of the camera - there was a gap of about 8 years in between starting and finishing the piece, and the embroidery floss on the 2 sides is from 2 different dye lots! It's not just knitters who need to worry about dye lots!

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