Monday, 14 January 2008

Three projects finished this year and pictures to go with! I must be turning over a new leaf or something. I got back and finished the Karlchen hat that I was working on, so that's quite a good thing. An entire ball of yarn used up, too.

Also been working on the granny square pillow like a fiend and have used up several little balls of yarn while finishing the front. Some ends to sew in and a back to finish, then it's done.

I cast on for a pair of fingerless gloves from Knitting Classic Style, one of my sexy new Christmas presents. These are going a long way to using up the remains of the Dr Who yarn, but since I've been racing through them, I shan't bother with photos until they are done.

Upcoming posts shall include plans for reducing the volume of my stash, photos of the Christmas yarn and other toys, and hopefully a few more FO reports!

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