Thursday, 29 November 2007


I get a really good dose of quality needlework time every Wednesday night during our gaming sessions. I can knit and roleplay at the same time, and I'm careful to only bring projects that can easily be put down if I need to throw dice or roleplay a combat or drink beer or referee a shouting match. So last night I brought the beginnings of the ripple afghan.

Everyone was fascinated with it! As in, members of the group got so distracted petting the crochet that they weren't paying attention to the game fascinated. Crazy stuff. I think for some reason crochet hooks are less scary to non-crafters than the knitting needles. Less pointy, fewer of them, shorter. And crochet just looks tougher than most knitting, so people aren't so afraid to just pet it. Plus it's purple, and everyone likes purple!

This morning I took advantage of my morning off to figure out a stripe sequence for the rest of it. I've decided not to add the rest of the blue yarn, since the combination of purple and rust is about as much as I can handle. I totally failed to get any pictures taken, but that's ok, because I'll have the morning off tomorrow too. Woohoo! I also did a bunch of work on the fluffy grey scarf. I've got 4 rows of the second border to do, then I can just knit the centre of it till I'm nearly out of yarn. Then I get to learn how to graft garter stitch, which will be fun.

The other fun thing about pulling out all of the yarn for the afghan? I've put all of it in a bag, together with the colour sequence chart, and now all the rest of my yarn fits into the current designated stash containers. Lovely portable project, lovely tidy living room ... how can you go wrong?

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