Tuesday, 20 November 2007


That Shedir that I'm making? Turns out that the concentration needed for the cables is so great that it gives me a tension headache. As in, painkillers and massage and heat in order to be able to sleep headache. Bugger. I may be buying a present for grandmother-in-law. I'm going to keep working on it, but very, very slowly.

So to console myself I started another hat. This one is a top-down number in the Freedom Spirit yarn I picked up at John Lewis, and is much more comfortable. Bigger yarn and needles, so it'll go faster, plain stockinette, so it'll really go faster, and wool, so that the yarn doesn't hurt me. I always thought that the complaint about cotton being painful to knit was a big joke, but it turns out that cotton does hurt because it's not as stretchy and bouncy as wool. So needle-free cabling means fighting with yarn that really doesn't want to stretch.

My yarn is making me nuts right now, too. I have too much, and it's making it hard for me to knit, simply because there are too many options. So, the plan is this. Between now and Christmas I'm going to knit as much as possible on my current projects, in the hope of getting several of them done and out of the way. Then, in January, I'm going to have a serious go-through of all my yarn and projects. There is some yarn that I'm planning to ditch, because it's ugly and I hate knitting with it. That can just go straight to the charity shop. I'm going to see if there's anything that needs to be frogged. The stripey burgundy and sparkly scarf may be a candidate for that. I really like the scarf, but I'm not convinced I like it enough to make it worth knitting it. It's very boring and fiddly.

Then I'm planning to systematically use up the yarn. Not focusing on finishing projects, but instead focusing on using up one ball of yarn at a time. And by using up, I mean that there will be absolutely none of it left in the stash. No remnants to add to the sock-yarn scarf or the granny squares. No half-balls that might go into something later. I'm just going to use things up and find my living room again. I would like to do this until my entire stash fits into the plastic tub and one 'active' knitting bag, rather than the tub and three overflowing bags and all over the couch and the side table. This is just silly. It's not good for the yarn, and it's not good for my sanity.

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