Wednesday, 28 November 2007

A moment of clarity

Last night I was sitting and considering my fish. And it struck me. When I made the blanket for my friend the part I liked least was weaving in the ends and sewing the whole thing together. And here I was, embarking on a project that was going to involve huge numbers of ends and silly, fiddly curvy sewing together. So I decided to stop.

I'm still going to make some fish, because they are too cool not to make. But instead of a blanket, I'm going to make ten or so fish, then sew them together end-to-end and make a scarf. I'll lose the interest of the tessellation, but I will still have fish like a good little Pisces.

The acrylic? Well, I'm glad I invested in 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns. I trawled through the whole thing last night and settled on 'Provence', which is a rather angular crocheted ripple. And I started making it. This morning I fished out every scrap of worsted weight acrylic I have left and made a surprisingly large pile. I'm thinking random stripes, although the idea of just grabbing a ball and using up all of it at once is very tempting. This thing is going to be the end of ugly, but that's ok. The other ripple afghan I made has turned out to be the most useful project in my repertoire, and I could use another one!

The inevitable scraps will be granny squares so that I can finish the wretched pillow and put it on the armchair. Of course, this will mean buying a pillow form at some point, and that will mean a trip to Ikea. British shops are singularly lacking in pillow forms.

The kerchief was successfully blocked and dry by the time I got home last night. It fits perfectly, having gained about an inch in both length and width, and is very subtle against my dark hair. I just need to weave in the two ends and photograph it. I think tomorrow morning will see a round of photography. My camera flash washes out the colour in everything if I take pictures at night, and it's always dark by the time I get home. Thank goodness for mornings off!

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