Thursday, 11 October 2007

Winding laceweight is tedious

...but strangely soothing. I wound the whole skein of red that's going to be the loopy scarf. Now I just have 7 more skeins left to wind, plus whatever I buy this weekend. Bleugh.

Maybe I should spend my morning off tomorrow winding yarn. That would be a good way to prepare for incoming new stuff. Of course, so would finishing up some other projects, but that's so not happening. I'm nowhere near finishing any of the current stuff. Although I could whip up a couple more granny squares for the pillow.

I made a good start last night on the big green stripe of Dr Who, and did some more stocking today. I love making this stocking! It rocks!

Thinking about it, maybe I shouldn't wind all the yarn. Once it's been wound, there's nothing preventing me casting on for new projects. And that would be bad - I've got way too many on the go right now!

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