Monday, 29 October 2007

Where to begin?

There is a spectacular lack of photos on the blog today, because my camera batteries suck. The camera eats battery life, so I refuse to use anything but rechargables, but they take 24 hours to recharge. I have 4 rechargable batteries. 2 of them last long enough to take a camera full of pictures, then the other 2 are needed to upload the pictures. The camera only holds about 10 pictures. Thus photos take forever. I really need a digital camera that plugs in to recharge and doesn't use batteries. And that holds more pictures. Still, this one's better than nothing.

I finished stocking number 2 on Saturday. It is lovely and the same size as number 1, so I am happy. I'll be mailing them out on Wednesday after I get paid, so friend will have them in plenty of time for Christmas (assuming they don't get eaten by the mail monsters). I'm stockinged out for the moment, but I still have a good third of each of the three colours left. (Good mileage on my cheap yarn! I am impressed!) So I'm thinking that I'll use the rest of it to make a stripey toe-up stocking for a single friend next year.

I had a weird experience finishing the stocking. I was working the toe while sitting and talking with some people, and suddenly I looked down and realised that I'd finished it without really noticing. It was a bit of a let-down, actually - usually I get all excited and happy about finishing something, but that requires noticing how close I am to being done. Still, spouse was admiring and impressed, which is always nice.

I went stash-diving after I cast off. Reorganized everything (and now it doesn't all fit, of course), got rid of one ball of horrible brown acrylic mohair, discovered yarn I'd forgotten about. I started a one-skein scarf, but frogged it after a couple of rows because I didn't like the fabric it was creating. So I grabbed one of my new balls of sock yarn and started a pair of Jaywalkers instead. And I love 'em! The yarn is making crazy stripes, which are lovely, and the pattern is gorgeous. I'm inspired to try out the socks on some other ripple patterns.

I did some work on Dr Who, too. I finished up the huge green stripe and did most of the next stripe - it's all skinny stripes from here until the end! Woohoo! I have an entire untouched ball of green mohair and half of another one left over. The fringe isn't going to take up that much! I'm thinking that I may just end up swapping the complete ball on one of the knitting groups, since I dislike knitting with it so much. It is scratchy and too fuzzy. The remnants of the partial skeins are going to be turned into a skinny colour-block mini-Who scarf. Spouse wants it. Yay using up yarn and finding my living room!

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