Thursday, 18 October 2007

The joys and perils of social knitting

On Thursdays I go to a knitting group at work. It's a lunchtime thing, so first one has to eat a sandwich or whatever. Then you have to catch up with everyone. Then you get out your knitting and get going. Only, by the time you've done all that, it's time to pack up again and go back to work for the afternoon.

My solution?

2-hour lunches. Think of the possibilities.

Anyway. Stocking is going very nicely. My stranding is getting more even with the practice, which is leading me to think about making a Fair-Isle sweater at some point in the far-off future. Right now I have enough things to think about. Like, say, enough sock yarn for 6 or 7 pairs of socks. Or three big fat balls of sweater yarn waiting to be cabled into oblivion. Or enough lace-weight for 7 shawls (2 of which are already in progress). Or purple yarn for fish. Or 2 pairs of grey gloves (yeah, I want grey gloves too). Or the Harlot-inspired shawl that will use up the blue acrylic. Or, or, or...

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