Tuesday, 23 October 2007


I was hoping to get the stocking mostly done last night, but it ended up being a rather bitty evening of not much knitting. Still, I did start the heel flap, and I've got the mailing address for the recipient. All is well. And I got to see my first Jon Pertwee Dr Who!

I've gotten to a rather annoying stage in my current knitting. None of it is really portable right now. Dr Who is too big to make it worthwhile carrying in unless it's Wednesday and I'm spending the evening gaming, and the stocking requires too many fiddley tools to keep my place in the pattern. So I'm working on stuff that isn't really a priority, and it's making me nuts! I grabbed the Ziploc with the grey and fluffy scarf this morning on my way out the door, so I shall be working on that during my lunch hour. It's pretty and fun, but nowhere near being finished and thus annoying.

I've also gotten close enough to being done with Dr Who that I'm starting to think about what comes next. I need to have a mindless project that I can carry around with me for at least a couple of weeks, but that isn't so big it's a pain to carry. I'm thinking that tessellating fish may be the way forward - small pieces, easy-ish pattern, large amounts of yarn used up. Can't go wrong, really.

Or I may just do one-skein scarves for a while. They are also easy and mindless and portable. Of course, the problem is then figuring out what to do with them!

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