Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Still no pictures

For I am lazy.

I got in last night and decided to look through my collection of granny squares to see what I've got in the way of pillow bits. They are rather perfectly proportioned for making 45cm cushion fronts, so I'll go pick up a pillowform at Ikea and assemble it once I've got enough made. I'll probably just make up the front and knit a plain back with some of the black worsted.

While I was digging around in the hoard of scrap yarn, I found a little ball of sportweight white acrylic. It's too thin to be useful for the granny squares, but it's just the right size for turning into a pair of crocheted wristlets. So I started making them last night. I'm making them up as I go along, so they fit my hands perfectly. Conveniently, I got most of the way done with the first one and discovered that my ball of yarn was actually two balls of yarn wrapped up together, so I'm starting the second one. That way I don't need to worry about running out of yarn. I'm also pondering trimming the edges with some of the red left over from the red hat I made a while back. Although then it might bleed in the laundry. Who knows.

I seem to be on the rebound from my finishitis - lots and lots of little bitty projects that don't use much yarn! Although I could look at it from the more likely perspective of me just wanting to use up the junky little bits as soon as possible.

I've found the stockings I'm going to make for my friend and her hub. One is the Estonian stocking from Knitting on the Road, the other is the funky green and purple stocking from Handknit Holidays. I'm going to do them both in red, green and white, since that was what she requested. I think they're complicated enough that I won't get bored of them!

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