Thursday, 20 September 2007

Small amounts of progress are good

I finished the first llama leg yesterday over lunch. The little foot is very, very cute. I have regained some enthusiasm for the whole thing as a result of the foot. The fact that the last 11 rounds of the foot are on tiny numbers of stitches made it go a lot faster as well, which is good. I am hopeful of finishing it quickly.

Also sewed up the second side-seam on the coatigan last night. I was waiting for the camera batteries to finish charging (and they take forever), so once I'd pulled out all of the stuff to be photographed I thought I'd do a bit of work on some of the slow projects. I doubt I'll have time this weekend to work on it, but if I do I might sew up the front panels with the interfacing. Then all I'll have left is the sleeves and the collar. The sleeves are going to have to wait until at least next month, simply because it's impossible to find DPNs big enough in London. Lovely mother has offered to send some for me when she travels States-ward, so that'll do me nicely. (And it's not like I don't have enough other stuff to work on in the meantime...)

A new list of pre-Christmas holidays goals, just for snicks:
  1. Dr Who scarf
  2. Llama bag
  3. 2x stockings for friend
  4. lace kerchief
  5. fluffy scarf
  6. top secret embroidery project
  7. coatigan

Better get cracking! The kerchief and the fluffy scarf are nearly done, but the stockings and the embroidery aren't even started yet...

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