Thursday, 27 September 2007

Should have gone with my first thought

...and not opened the pink parcel I got in the mail today. See, pink parcels mean Posh yarn, which is yummy and wonderful in every way, and if I could I would never use anything else. Well, maybe a little Kidsilk. But mostly Posh.

I thought to myself, "I shouldn't open this, because I have 7 projects to finish before Christmas, and if I open this I'll want to start playing with it immediately." But then I just had to open it, because I'd bought two skeins of different yarns in different colourways to go together and I needed to know if they matched.


Did they ever match.

I'm going to be making a Loopy scarf, and if I've calculated correctly, I'm going to have enough boucle left over for a hat, and enough laceweight left over for a pair of gloves. Or at least a pair of wristlets and a headband.

But I was good. Last night's knitting and this morning netted me another 22-row stripe of Dr Who-flavoured progress and two rounds of stocking. It's a good thing I love this stocking so much. I don't think there is much else that could have torn me from my crimson scribble goodness.

Although I think I'm about to get a third wind for Dr Who. I just have a feeling that progress is going to be made. Hide the laceweight!

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