Monday, 10 September 2007

Second wind and inspiration

I finished the pink sweater on Saturday evening. Well, almost. I bailed on knitting an 8-inch fold-over collar on a sweater I'm realistically not going to wear that often, and ended up improvising what I think is a much better neckline. Unfortunately, this new neckline involves a button and some possibly some sewing to be finished. I'm planning to raid my very small stock of buttons tonight, and if I don't come up with anything I'll make a trip up to my local on Saturday for a button. Hopefully they will also have 8mm DPNs and some 15mm straights for scarf-making.

After finishing the sweater, I was rearranging the stash, moving pink leftovers to the no project tub and advancing stuff from the queue, when I was inspired to cast on for the half-hexagon shawl. 6 rows in I decided to frog and go down a needle size to 4mm, and I'm loving it. The initial section is very, very basic stockinette and increases, kinda like the yarnover increases in the Harlot Poncho, and it gradually gets more complicated as you work through the sections. Eventually I'm going to need a circular needle, but right now my trusty bamboo straights are doing me just fine. Although it would be nice to be able to see the shape of it a bit better.

I'm 6 rows of ribbing and a bind-off away from finishing Jitterbug Sock #1. Will probably do that tonight, and then start the second one over the weekend. That's the only problem with toe-up socks - I feel like I have to do the whole toe in one sitting, and that takes a good couple of hours at this gauge. Still, they are pretty, and spouse is ever so impressed with the tiny little stitches.

But the real moment of inspiration? The one that had me at the edge of my seat earlier? I figured out what to do with the rest of that blasted blue acrylic! I'm going to pick a fairly mindless crochet pattern, fetch out a big hook, and make a wrap/poncho. Possibly with dark blue edging. Or I may do it with big fat needles and crochet an edging. But it will be used up! I will cast on for it as soon as humanly possible, so probably tonight. Fortunately the friends coming over for dinner understand me and my knitting ways :)

I'm also going to cast on for the eyelash scarf tonight, so the wrap may wait until tomorrow. This is for a good reason! Wednesday night is gaming night, and I always knit for three or four hours while playing. Usually I work on Dr Who. But Dr Who is not something I can put down easily in the middle of a row, due to slippery needles and smooth yarn. And Wednesday's game is one that requires a lot of moving things around, so I will need something that can be put down at a moment's notice. Hence fluffy scarf on yet more bamboo needles. In all likelihood, moving around or not, I'll finish the thing on Wednesday. The last one only took a couple of hours.

It's amazing, really - it takes as long for me to knit the toe of a fine gauge sock as it does to knit an entire scarf. Crazy stuff.

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